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Life is full of routine and ordinary things. We have jobs to work, bills to pay, and children to raise. In the midst of our daily routine, it is natural to wonder if our life has any meaning or purpose. This book will move the one who dares to apply its principles from a dull, common and average life to one that is extraordinary, dynamic, and full of purpose.
There is something about epic tales that appeal to everyone. They move us from our mundane existence into taking part in a noble quest worth living, and even dying, for.
The Bible is the ULTIMATE epic! It has the ultimate hero, Jesus, on the ultimate quest, redeeming the souls of lost humanity, fighting against the ultimate villain, Satan, who seeks to keep all humanity bound in sin. However, within its pages are many mini-epics; stories of men and women who believed God and acted on their belief. These epics have continued for the last 20 centuries. The epics continue today.
This website is not here to sell books, although it will do that. It is to share a message that challenges individual Christians, and churches, to be “salt and light”. It is a call to make a difference in the world today. Dare to fulfill your destiny and leave a legacy. Be Epic!!