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When you look around our society today, you see a definite lack of collective or individual vision.
This lack of vision is also seen in the church of the Lord Jesus. Now if any group of people has a shared vision, it is us! The greatest corporate vision of all is to bring people into a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If any group of people should be full of dreams and visions, then it is those who name the name of Christ. We are part of the ultimate saga! Each of us has a role, given to us by God, to play in it. Our lives are to be mini-epics placed within God’s epic. We need to understand and embrace this fact.
However, most Christians are no different from the rest of society, focused on their own goals. Practically speaking, there is no vision from God either corporately or individually. God still gives dreams and visions, but most Christians do not know that dreams and visions are even possible.
As a result of this lack of knowledge, these Christians are not reaching their potential for the Lord Jesus Christ. They are stuck in the mire of a dull and mediocre Christianity.